Circuit Mixx offers a variety of one-on-one, semi-private, and group fitness programs in Brighton. Our fitness programs are designed to offer something for everyone, regardless of your unique needs, interests, budget, and availability.

Circuit Training

Our circuit training classes utilize a variety of functional exercise equipment such as resistance bands, TRX Suspension Trainers, plyometric boxes, dip bars, pull-up bars, battling ropes, and more. Each piece of equipment represents one exercise station in the workout, and you will move around the workout from station to station, never spending more than 40 seconds at a time on the same exercise. Time absolutely flies during these variety-packed workouts.

Corporate Fitness

With our corporate fitness programs, we’ll bring our functional circuit training workouts, including all of the equipment at our studio that isn’t bolted down, directly to you. Our corporate workouts are nearly identical to the popular circuit training workouts we offer at our studio. All you need is a minimum of five employees interested in participating in the workout program, and a space big enough to run the workouts.

Personal Training

Our personal training programs are best suited for people who have unique needs that can’t be addressed in a group format. We will design a customized workout program specifically for you to help you meet your own specific goals, and we’ll personally coach you motivate you through every workouts to ensure that you’re performing exercising as safely and effectively as possible. We offer personal training in both one-on-one and semi-private formats.

TRX Suspension Training

Our TRX classes involve using the TRX Suspension Trainer to push and pull your own bodyweight against gravity for a phenomenal total-body workout that TRX describes as “all core, all the time”. The TRX Suspension Trainer is used by everyone from fitness pros and enthusiasts of any age and ability, to top name athletes in the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB and UFC, as well as servicemen and women in every branch of the US military.