Circuit Mixx offers group fitness classes and personal training services in Brighton. Our workouts combine the most cutting-edge and proven metabolic resistance training principles in circuit and interval training formats for maximum fat loss in minimum time spent exercising. Our effective fat-burning group fitness classes are put together with a focus on maximum fun and variety so that you always enjoy and look forward to your workouts.

Only the most effective, functional, and time-efficient compound resistance training, conditioning, and plyometrics exercises are done at Circuit Mixx — no wasting any time jogging, doing crunches, agility drills, or other pointless and ineffective exercises like so many other group fitness programs — which is why we are able to deliver significantly faster and better results with shorter and fewer weekly workouts.

At Circuit Mixx, you will see accelerated fat loss and become slim, lean, and strong with our metabolic circuits; you will improve your heart, lungs, endurance, and overall fitness level with our conditioning program; and you will boost energy, reduce stress, improve your posture, and be prepared for the demands of everyday life with our functional total-body workouts.