Functional Fitness Training In Brighton

Small group fitness classes, circuit training, TRX Suspension Training, one-on-one and semi-private personal training, and corporate fitness. Absolutely no contracts. All programs come with a 100% unconditional money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Circuit Training Group Workouts In Brighton

What Is Functional Fitness

The term “functional fitness” has been one of the biggest buzzwords in the fitness industry for the past several years, and for good reason: it’s one of the most important aspects to consider when deciding what type of exercise program to participate in.

Functional fitness simply means that the exercises performed during the workout will transfer over and be relevant to the movements we need to do in day to day life — movements such as squat, lunge, bend, lift, throw, twist, turn, run, jump, etc.

Traditional dysfunctional gym exercise have no transfer or relevance whatsoever to the movements that we need to do as part of our day to day lives. Think about the typical exercise machines found in just about every big-box health club on earth — machines that involve sitting in a chair and exercising one isolated muscle group through a guided range of motion.

With that in mind, all the of the exercises performed at Circuit Mixx workouts are carefully selected to ensure that they offer you real benefit beyond just getting you moving and burning some calories. These functional exercises will train you to move better during the sport of life, and help you maintain that level of fitness as you get older.

The Circuit Mixx Formula

Small Class Sizes

Circuit Mixx workouts have a strict maximum of 8 participants per class. We’ve found this number to be the perfect amount of people to allow for personal coaching and instruction from the trainer while also offering the added fun and motivation that comes along with exercising in a group.

No Boring Jogging

Jogging is boring, ineffective, and certainly not something you should ever have to pay to do, so there is absolutely no jogging involved at Circuit Mixx. Instead, our workouts focus entirely on cutting-edge total-body conditioning exercises and drills designed burn maximum fat while you have a blast.

No Pointless Abdominal Crunches

Abdominal crunches are pointless at best, and dangerous at worst, so unless you enjoy wasting your time while risking a disc herniation, you shouldn’t do crunches. At Circuit Mixx, you will exercise your core safely and effectively with functional compound movements and static and dynamic plank exercises.

Metabolic Resistance Training

One of the most important components of a time-efficient fat-burning exercise program is metabolic resistance training, which involves stacking resistance training exercises together with insufficient rest periods. Metabolic resistance training forms the foundation for every workout you’ll do at Circuit Mixx.

Conditioning And Plyometrics

You won’t just do resistance training at Circuit Mixx. That would result in a one-dimensional workout, and it would also be pretty boring. With that in mind, each Circuit Mixx workout includes conditioning and plyometrics drills to compliment the resistance training exercises and also make the workouts more enjoyable.

Circuit And Interval Formats

The most effective way to structure a fat-burning workout routine is to combine circuit training and interval training. When combined with metabolic resistance training, this formula burns more calories than doing hours of traditional exercise, and is also the most fun you can possibly have working out.

Maximum Intensity

The key to getting results is that you must put in a genuine effort each workout, and continue to increase the intensity over time as your fitness level improves. At Circuit Mixx, we will motivate you to exercise at your maximum intensity each workout so that you’re always making progress towards your fitness goals.

Ultimate Variety

If you don’t enjoy your workout program, you won’t stick with it, and it’s impossible to stay fit when you don’t workout regularly. That’s why we put a tremendous amount of effort into including as much variety as possible in each Circuit Mixx class so that you’ll have fun and look forward to each workout.

Optimal Results

At Circuit Mixx, you will burn fat and get in shape while having fun and looking forward to each workout. The workouts aren’t easy, and you will be challenged to push hard each and every workout, but the end result will worth it because you’ll look and feel your best and have a blast along the way.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Try our circuit training program risk-free with our unconditional 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. Try one workout, or an entire month of workouts, and if you’re not thrilled and satisfied with the experience, and with your results, simply let us know and we’ll gladly refund every penny of your purchase price.

Overview Of Services

Group Fitness

Our small group fitness classes are more like group personal training than traditional “packed to the gills” group workouts that are run at big box health clubs. Our small group workouts have a maximum of 10 participants, which allows for plenty of individual attention from your trainer, while still including the fun and motivation provided by group training.

Circuit Training

Our circuit training classes are small group workouts that utilize a variety of functional training equipment set up at stations designed to allow you to move around the studio throughout the workout, never spending more than a minute at each station. These workouts are the cure for anyone who finds traditional gym exercise to be excruciatingly boring.

TRX Suspension Training

We run a full schedule of TRX Suspension Training classes that offer challenging total-body fat-burning and strength-building workouts that target your core from start to finish. The TRX Suspension Trainer allows you to use your own bodyweight as resistance, easily adjusting the difficulty by making simple changes to your body angle and position.

Corporate Fitness

More and more companies are learning about the benefits of offering an in-house corporate fitness and wellness solution to their employees. Circuit Mixx offers customized on-site workouts to companies interested in offering their employees safe and effective personal trainer led group workouts.

Personal Training

Personal training is a great option for people with unique needs that can’t be addressed in a group format, or who just want the complete undivided attention of a personal trainer for the entire workout. We offer one-on-one and semi-private personal training on a straightforward pay-as-you-go pricing structure.

Fitness Studio

Circuit Mixx workouts take place at our boutique fitness studio, which is equipped functional training tools designed to improve the way you move. Examples of the type of equipment we use at our studio include resistance bands, TRX Suspension Trainers, plyometric boxes, dip bars, pull-up bars, battling ropes, jump ropes, and more.

Functional Training

All Circuit Mixx workouts are based on functional training principles that focus on movement, and training your body in ways that closely replicate the ways we need to move our bodies in day to day life. Instead of training muscle groups and using guided range of motion machines, we train movements and use dynamic tools that challenge you in all ranges of motion.

Boot Camp

Circuit Mixx group fitness classes are inspired by our popular outdoor boot camp program that we’ve run for many years. We’ve brought those boot camp style workouts indoors to our functional training studio, allowing us to take advantage of significantly more equipment, and never worry about being rained on or rained out.


“Mike’s workouts gave me confidence to get back into exercising. I would highly recommend Mike’s programs for everyone regardless of your fitness level. You work at your own body’s pace and strength, you’re never pushed to do something that your body isn’t able to, and I felt great and had 10 times more energy over the past month than I have had in years! I wished it could have been 5 days a week. =) My main goal in doing an exercise program was to gain muscle and to start toning areas and I have definitely achieved that. I look forward to continuing with your workout programs! Thanks Mike.” Crystal Seaman

“Mike’s workout program is awesome. I’ve only been going for two weeks and already feel a huge difference in my strength, stamina and overall health. The circuits are fun, challenging, and never the same. It’s definitely not boring (which is one of the main reasons I never go to the gym), and Mike’s encouragement helps me push my workout so I achieve the maximum benefit. He also explains which muscle groups are working, what people do wrong most often, and keeps everyone motivated and focused. If you’re looking for a fun, effective workout with almost immediate results, call Mike!” Randall Cook

“After following Mike’s workout program for one week (three times), not only did my jeans fit better but I had more strength and energy. I find Mike passionate and enthusiastic about his workout and this translates to us who workout harder and better because of it. I would recommend Mike to anyone who wants to tone up and feel better about themselves – because they will! Thanks Mike!” Sarah Groundwater

“I’m new to Mike’s workout programs but I can honestly say that being a part of his program is the best workout I have ever received. I’ve joined countless gyms and classes, but Mike’s workouts are fun, motivating, and achieve results. He’s a great instructor, he cares about his clients, provides a relaxed atmosphere, and no two workouts are the same! I’d definitely recommend Mike’s workouts to anyone who is serious about getting fit. I’m definitely going to continue to work out with Mike.” Charlotte Heffer

“Mike’s program is demanding but rewarding, and after four weeks of hard work, I feel much stronger and leaner. The workout circuits are fast and furious, and doing the exercise program in the morning makes it easy to fit the workout into my schedule. Mike is enthusiastic and attentive during the workouts which really helps a lot. Thanks Mike!” Stacey Tenenbaum

“Mike’s programs have two key elements missing from many other exercise regimes. He motivates without yelling. Yelling always makes me shut down. Encouragement makes me work harder. Also, I am the kind of person who can do anything tough for a short period of time. The bursts of exercise mixed with predictable rest periods helped me push myself harder. I feel stronger than I have in years.” Theresa Lalonde

“I despise sit-ups. They are a killer on my neck! I also don’t understand why some other exercise programs charge people to jog for a quarter of the class. Those are a just a couple of the reasons why I chose Mike’s program. We aren’t sent off jogging. We can do that on our own time. We do a lot of great core exercises, but no sit-ups or crunches! Since I’ve joined, I’ve noticed I have a lot more energy and I sleep better too. I’ve lost inches all over and I am starting to see a lot of muscle tone in my legs and arms. I’m now in my 3rd month of the program and I know I will be back again.” Lori York